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Advantages of large...

In the hot summer, in large industrial plants in the high temperature, and ventilation i...

Large industrial Ceiling Fan

Large industrial ...Unlike traditional fans, the industrial factory ceiling fan has a diameter of up to 7.3m, and its unique streamlined blades drive large am...

Extra Large Ceiling fan

Extra Large Ceili...After rigorous testing and screening, the NORD large ceiling fan used Germany German Connaught (the) motor. Connaught Motor with low noise...

Factory fan

Factory fanThe fan is equipped with a new cutting technology to build high-strength magnesium alloy chassis, to solve the low pressure casting root f...

Large energy-saving fan

Large energy-savi...Reputation of the large industrial energy-saving fan safety is my company's concern, four heavy security measures to ensure the safe opera...

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Shanghai reputation Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.Shanghai reputation Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on super energy-saving fan research and development, production, sales and after-sales service enterprises, main: Large ceiling fan, large industrial ceiling fan, large ceiling fan, large fan, industrial fan, industrial wind fan, industrial energy-saving fan, workshop ceiling fan. The company introduced the United States HVLS (high volume, low speed) technology, according to the principle of aerodynamics and combined with the actual use of the domestic situation, designed to develop a super cost-effective new generation of large energy-saving fan. The reputation fan has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low speed, high air volume and large coverage area. Perfect solution to the large space ventilation cooling problems, but also energy saving and environmental protection. Fan Yu fans since the listing, not only best-selling domestic products, but also exported to the United States, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, the Philippines, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Africa. Company's products excellent quality, reasonable price and good after-sales service has been at home and abroad customers praise...

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